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Want to Learn About Sexual Pleasure? First, Check Out Everything That Goes Into It!

When I introduce sexuality, especially when discussing the topic of pleasure, I'm not just talking about sex. I turned this graphic into a 30 minute webinar about sexual pleasure education and everything that adults need to learn about before they can have the best sex possible.

So what should all adults be talking about, learning about, and growing skills in?

  1. Consent

  2. Safe Sex

  3. The Sexual Response Cycle

  4. Tantric Sex Practices

  5. BDSM Culture

  6. Kinks

  7. Unlearn Negative Thinking

  8. Porn

  9. Self-care

  10. Confidence & Resilience Skills

  11. Anatomy

  12. Skills to Please Partners

  13. Preference Development

  14. Mindfulness

  15. Erotic Journaling

  16. Masturbation

  17. Post Trauma/Illness

Becoming a client with Emerald Sexual Health is a great way for you to learn about all these topics.

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