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Mission | Vision | Values

Emerald’s mission is to make sexual positivity the norm. Norm!

Business Description:

Emerald Sexual Health Consulting, LLC offers sexual pleasure coaching & education to individuals and couples through personalized services and workshops. Emerald Sexual Health also works with healthcare professionals to implement sexuality services & education within their practice. Emerald Sexual Health also spreads sexual positivity through sexual fitness programs and educational entertainment.


Emerald Sexual Health is dedicated to spreading sexual positivity through services that are (1) enriching to individuals/couples and (2) beneficial to professionals. Emerald’s mission is to make sexual positivity the norm. Emerald Sexual Health gives people the knowledge, skills, & tools needed to develop their sexual identities, confidence, power, & pleasure. Emerald sexual health is driven to decriminalizing sex work & committed to advising medical professionals to improve sexual health services.


Emerald Sexual Health sees a sexually positive world where sexual development is respected, sexual pleasure is taken seriously, kinks are acknowledged and sex work is affirmed.


  1. Sexual Positivity 

  2. Knowledge & Informed Consent

  3. Humor = Healing

  4. Respect & Honesty 

  5. Risk Taking

  6. Physical Fitness & Mental Health

  7. Sexual Dialectics

  8. Sexual Development is Forever

  9. Sex Work is Real Work

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