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Vasectomies too! These Physicians Can Help!

I recently posted a video on Tik Tok asking what people's concerns were regarding their sexual health and sexual pleasure now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Men, trans, and people who are non-binary have concerns too!

In my previous blog, I shared a spreadsheet of a list of doctors who are open to performing a tubal ligation on any patient, 18-21 and older without requiring them to have a certain marital status or number of children already. Here is the full list!

Dr. Franziska also has a list of Physicians who perform vasectomies! Here is Physician list! The list for vasectomies is not as long as the list for tubal ligation, however it does give a range of prices.

For example, the Erie Family Health Center in Chicago is listed as providing vasectomies for only $35 (at the time of this blog). Where as the most expensive providers are in Kansas, who are offering the service for $940 if insurance won't cover the procedure.

Just the Tips! Look for health centers that offer income-driven payment options. You will likely need proof of your income to receive the discounted rates. Also, some urologists offer vasectomies as well!

Reach out to Emerald Sexual Health for more information!

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