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Sexual Fitness

Good sex is a workout and you need to work out to have good sex. 

Attend a workout. Starting April 5, 2022! Every Tuesday and Thursday. See the time slots below! 


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Get Started with the 
4 week Emerald Sexual Health Challenge

Week 1- Fuel Your Body:

Your body needs fuel to keep your mind focused and your body energized for sex. The first challenge is to make a sex sandwich! Better yet, you're going to make two! Make a sandwich for before sex. Then make a sandwich for after sex.

Week 2- Protect Your Body:

You need to protect your body. I want you to give yourself an exam, such as a breast or testicular exam. Use a mirror and take a peak. Get more familiar with yourself. Then, make an appointment with your doctor. Speak up for your sexual health concerns. 

Week 3- Work Your Body:

It's time to strengthen your confidence and your pelvic floor muscles. This week is all about workouts you can do in your bedroom. Do 10 kegels 3 times a day. Dance in your underwear. Check out the Physical Therapy section of the Sexual Pleasure Library for more workout ideas! 

Week 4- Unlock Your Mind: 

Your mind is just as important as your body when it comes to your sexuality. Take this week to journal about your sexual fantasies, fears, concerns, desires. Let your sexual self go on the page. You can purchase these journals designed by Emerald! 

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Take the 4 week Emerald Sexual Fitness Challenge

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