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Sex Positive Workshops & Webinars


Don't miss a session!

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Ashley will create a workshop to meet your needs. Let her know what your vision is and she will work with you to make it a reality!

Did you get screwed out of good sex education?

Join Ashley over zoom or in-person for the best ever! 


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Whether you're in your kitchen, living room, church basement or favorite sex shop, lets make sex education work in what ever environment you want! Check out the full list of workshops!

  1. Sexual Positivity 101

  2. Mapping your Sexual Journey with Erotic Journaling

  3. 8 Steps to a Bangin' Sex Life

  4. Unlocking Your Sexual Creativity

  5. Finding the Perfect Sex Toys

  6. Anal Sex 101

  7. Eat Good Food For Fucks Sake

  8. How to Give a Bangin' Blow Job!

  9. Clitoral Orgasms 101

  10. Workout for Fucks Sake

  11. Erotic Massage

  12. Polyamory 101

  13. Sex History- Fun Facts to make you More fun at parties...or orgies

  14. Sexual Anatomy 101 (Understanding Your Sexual Body) (Understand Your Sexual Body)

  15. Understanding Your Sexual Response Cycle

  16. Why Does Bad Sex Happen to Good People?

  17. Is Sex Coaching Right For Me?

  18. Porn v. Reality

  19. Tantric Sex 101

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