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Sexuality education is underfunded, under utilized and under the radar.

Do your patients ask you questions about sex you're not prepared to answer?

Patients want to talk to their doctors about sex.





Ashley can help you provide the necessary information so your patients are fully prepared to take care of their sexual health care. 


Gem-White Center


Sexuality Education for Professionals and Parents 

We all have roles to play. Our past experiences affect how we mentor our children, students, clients, and/or patients. 

  • Team Consultation​

    • Do you need training for your staff? Is your organization facing specific sexual health and sexual education issues? Ashley will provide your staff one-on-one consultation.

    • Learn more about how your organization can be improved with sexuality education. 

    • Emerald Sexual Health is the best resource for teachers, service providers & parents. What does ESHC offer? Creative solutions to implementing comprehensive sexuality education. 

  • ​1-on-1 Professional Consultation

    • Do your staff face a stressful work environment? Are you worried about how your professional life is effecting your personal life. Or vice versa? 

  • Parent/Guardian Consultation

    • Are you a parent? Want personalized sexuality education for you to give your child/children? Have a specific issue you are facing when educating your child?

  • Sexuality Education Implementation​

    • Get sex education in your schools, organization, and community!​

  • Staff Training , Curriculum Development & Customized Resources

    • Customize your sex ed program to fit with your organization's culture and client needs

  • Strategic Planning & Sustainability

    • Don't just implement! Sustain your programs and improve outcomes!

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